Personal Training

Personal training

Personal training is mainly available for the guest of Aspria, but outside the club, I’m able to provide private Pilates courses at a pilates studio.(

Why to choose private Pilates courses?

Pilates offers benefits when it is executed correctly! For align your spine  and heal your problems you have to execute the movement in the correct position and you have to work from the correct muscle group.If the execution is not proper, you might only “strengthen your weakness”.

What does it mean? For example you want to strengthen you abdominals to relieve lower back pain and you are not placing your pelvis in the mat as it should be and finally your work-out will works against you, because instead of your abdominal muscles you might execute the movement from the lower back.

At the private session I can assess your general fitness level, and I can adopt the course to your aims.

Private session is always the best way to start.


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