Body and mind retreat

Body Mind Self Retreat in Symi, Greece

27 September – 3 October 2017


An experience to re-discover the phenomenon of LIFE through Body Mind Heart coaching in Symi, Greece.

Spend one week on the beautiful Island of Symi, filled with yoga, pilates and mindfulness with holistic coaching on movement, sleep, nutrition, breathing meditation, mindset training and Chakra re-balance. An awesome, unique combination to harmonize the Body-Mind-Heart altogether.

We are three different professionals linking together body-mind-heart techniques; we love what we do and we wish to share our unique techniques with each one of you, in a wonderful combination of nature and architecture on the small island of Symi.




What if you could create greater balance and a healthier daily routine through tips you can easily practise back in your city lifestyle during the winter? What if you could wake up more excited in the morning, had more focus and energy, more meaningful relations and productive work? Ideal tools that work for you to realign yourself when you feel that life is not treating you well?

During the week, the daily programme will consist of morning meditation and yoga by our yoga instructor, followed by body energy and mindfulness sessions with holistic coaching by our Holistic Exercise Physiologist. Time for rest, or beach activity or hiking throughout the day. Later in the afternoon, a Pilates session with breathing exercises guided by our sophrologist.

By the end of the week you will receive customized advice regarding your personal, holistic lifestyle on nutrition, sleep, breathing meditation and exercise intensity for your daily performance so you can return with learning tools that help you to better cope with your stress and keep up a healthier lifestyle, healthier relations with yourself and others, more focus on your work: a happier version of YOU.

Priority of the retreat: we eat and drink what we like, and everything is optional, including all the coaching classes. If you are tired and feel like skipping one, no one will judge you. We make sure there is always fun and adventure and a warm group feeling. We enjoy ourselves, we enjoy the holiday as much as the activities.

If you feel you would like even more personalised care, out of the package price you can take personal sessions on various trainings you prefer: yoga, pilates, holistic coaching, hormonal balance, nutrition, exercise from tai chi til running and cross fit, sophrology, regression, breathing, massage.


Early bird price until 10 August 2017:

1119 euros per person for 4 people sharing accommodation in:

a studio suite apartment with balcony or terrace

with breakfast and dinner

1339 euros per person for 2 people sharing accommodation in:

a studio apartment or double room with balcony

with breakfast and dinner

There is an option for single use and luxury package accommodation

Our hotel address is:

Iapetos Village

Symi Dodecanese Greece

Tel.  0030 22460 72777

Fax. 0030 22460 71477


Prices later for later registration from 11 August 2017 until the departure date, 27 September 2017:

1330 euros per person for 4 people sharing accommodation in:

a studio suite apartment with balcony or terrace

with breakfast and dinner

1468 euros per person for 2 people sharing accommodation in:

a studio apartment or double room with balcony

with breakfast and dinner

There is an option for single use and luxury package accommodation

The price includes:

6 nights in a hotel (single or double price accordingly), breakfast included

6 dinners at the hotel that include salad + main course + drink

5-6 hours of Coaching daily

Rental of equipment and location

3 professional coaches

Boat trip from the island

Bank account number: BE94363061931914



-flights from Brussels to Rhodes/Kos and back

-boat from Rhodes/Kos to Symi and back



If a participant leaves earlier, the fees for accommodation have been paid and will not be refunded.



Option 1

By morning flight to Kos and then boat to Symi at 16:00. For the return journey, please check the boat correspondence before you book your return flight.

Option 2

By flight to Rhodes, stay 1 night in Rhodes and then morning boat to Symi

On the return journey, leave 1 day earlier from Symi to Rhodes, spend 1 night in Rhodes and fly to Brussels from Rhodes the day after.

Rhodes is a very nice place to visit with its medieval castle city.


Advice on flights: search with skyscanner, Ryanair, TUI, Aegean Airlines

Boat timetables are here

Our coaches in Symi:

Sophrology and meditation with Valerie


Valerie will start the day with you and first guide you in meditation time, then she will help you awaken your body through a dynamic introspection to connect body-heart-mind for the beautiful day ahead.

We will end the day with a body alignment through sophrology using breath as a  doorway to consciousness and we will stay focussed on sensations to stay in the present.

Valerie has been a body therapist for 15 years, she has experience working with individuals as well as groups and offers her competency to help companies integrate wellbeing at work.


Pilates and yoga courses with Orsi



Orsi is a pilates,yoga and fitness instructor, personal trainer certified to teach numerous methods. Originally, she had a different university background but she ended up in fitness following her passions and to relieve lower back pain caused by dancing and intensive horse riding. Orsi was initially certified for classical pilates techniques for mat work and later on trained in Stott pilates for the full repertoire of machines. She has taken workshops in Los Angeles, Budapest and Brussels and constantly works to expand her knowledge. She works every day with different injury rehabilitations using the reformer cadillac, wunda chair and barrels in addition to the mat work repertoire. She strongly believes in the benefits of Pilates to relieve stiffness in the back and shoulders and heel spine problems and to develop better posture and tone and shape the entire body. During her work, she tries to look at individual needs, understanding the objectives of each person, looking at whether it is related to rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness with weight loss or wellbeing. Or how to start working out after having stopped for a long time. She believes in constantly readapting and choosing the best method from her skill set, always focussing on the individual needs.

With regard to yoga she trained to teach different styles of bodyArt and stretching methods, but after discovering yoga she did her teacher training in Budapest in Bindusar yoga and continued to expand her knowledge with aerial yoga and vinyasa flow style. The yoga classes will focus on the alignment of the physical practice and the biomechanics of movement! She believes yoga is not just about physical practice, but that it is the first layer we achieve and the easiest thing to understand. The more open we become, the more we can let it to transform our life. She strongly believes that the practice of yoga influences our emotional set through the postures and that it can create changes and transformations in life! We do not necessarily need to understand how, we just have to let it happen.

Holistic coaching and exercise with Sofia

Sofia is a PhD Exercise Physiologist & Holistic Lifestyle CHEK Coach. She is a Greek citizen of the world and, has lived in many different countries for work purposes. She studied Sports and Exercise Science in Greece, did her Masters in Adapted Physical Activity, her PhD and her Post-Doc in Exercise Physiology in Belgium. She also followed the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology and Lifestyle training in San Diego and the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle in Miami. She has held the position of European Development Commissioner of Wheelchair Rugby for disabled athletes. She loves teaching and coaching, research, travelling, daily work out and work in of wellbeing on Body-Mind-Spirit for co-creation and to help balance ourselves. Her own health challenges at age 17 due to stress and a burnout led her to discover the Holistic Lifestyle methods and self-responsibility. She wishes to help people help themselves as other people helped her to heal herself.

She finds lot of ‘contemporary wisdom’ in the teachings of ancient philosophers and scientists:

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch


Orsi Nagyistok:

e-mail address.

mobil: +32(0)485 213 795


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